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Magic Castle Standard Poodles

Grace Durkin of Magic Castle Standard Poodles bred her first litter of English Setters in 1968. First litter of Poodles was in 1988. Our first white standard poodle was Lady McBuff Susanne out of the Unique line of poodles.  Since 1968, Grace has held a childhood dream of showing her dogs in conformation.In 2008 her first dog was shown at Westminter Kennel Club in NYC. She is a Breeder of Merit under the AKC and a member of the Poodle Club of Mohawk Valley in Upstate NY. Grace is also president of the Apricot Red Poodle Club at www.apricotredpoodleclub.com.

Chief1The standard poodle was originally chosen for its beauty, brains, and hypoallergenic qualities. As time went on we learned more and more about color, health factors, temperament, and the great versatility of the breed. Basically, a poodle can do anything. Our purpose in breeding has been to create the best possible dog including structure, health, temperament, and beauty. I do not breed dogs to create pets, but to create the best possible poodle that can be found. The goal is the overall betterment of the breed. Usually there is only one to two litters per year. Our dogs are Health tested according to the recommendations of the Orthopedic Foundation of America and results of testing is registered at www.offa.org.

In addition the poodle health registry at www.poodlehelathregistry.com is consulted with an in depth study of pedigrees added to by personal knowledge of other breeders lines to insure the best possible breeding. In addition to health testing, parents must have excellent temperament before being used in our breeding program. Several of our dogs have been titled in Obedience, Ralley, Therapy Dog, and Canine Good Citizen as well as Service dogs.

Puppies are born in the bedroom and stay close for the first three to four weeks when they are moved to the grooming room. Starting on the third day from birth they are exposed to Early Neurological Stimulation through touch, movement, and temperature. When they are seven weeks they are temperament tested. Throughout their development, they are exposed to visiters who are allowed to touch and hold them. Puppies are given vaccines according the Dr Jean Dodds Vaccine Protocol and prospective parents are asked to follow this regime for the best possible health of their dog. www.drjeandoddspethealthresource.tumblr.com

butch6Puppies can go to their forever homes at 8-12 weeks. Temperament test results are used to match pups to their prospective pet parents. Parents are expected to make a commitment for the lifetime of their pet and if unforeseen circumstances should arise, the pup must be returned to the breeder or rehomed in conjunction with the breeder. NO puppy should ever be sold to a pet dealer or sent to a shelter.

Pet Parents are required to attend an obedience class with their puppy in the first few months of their ownership. We will help find a trainer if necessary and answer questions as needed for the new pup. Food is also an important aspect of owning a new puppy. A list of suggested foods will be provided.