AbbaAbba is like her mother, Amma only better. Although, they both take sport on me in my bed at night, sharing and not sharing toys and teasing me with my slippers. Abba finished her championship very quickly with Alan Waterman and De Angelo handling her for one summer. Then to Westminster in 2013 and finished her Grand Championship with me in 2014. 2015 Abba earned her TDI from The National Therapy Dog Association, followed by work in Rally. In 2016 she had a litter of three pups two of whom we kept as they were Apricot like her father Justin. Again, this is a dog that makes a novice handler like me, look good. She moves like a dream, like her mother and father did. Handling her is like taking a ride on a beautiful pony. I hope to train her as a therapy dog in the near future.

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