Parker PoodleParker was the cream boy pick of Rosie’s first litter. I held on to him because he was nice. Alan said to bring him to the show because he wanted to see him again. He handed him to Marlene and said, “Why don’t you let Marlene take him home for a while and socialize him for you?” (It’s what you call the puppy close). Parker ended up staying with Marlene who grew him out to beautiful perfection and finshed his first Championship. Then one day she called and said she needed to place some dogs. I suggested Rainbear as she had been waiting for a white dog from that breeding line. Rainbear took Parker and the moment she saw him thought of cording. She asked me if she could. I said, “If you are game, go ahead and try.” Rainbear proved to be excellent at cording and when we took Parker to Westminster, he made the cut! Many people love the corded look and thoroughly enjoyed Parker and his cords. The dog communicator even told us that he loves to move with them and feel them bounce. Parker has sired two litters and some of his pups are in the ring.

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