Stella poodleStella, Magic Castles Snow Thunder by Starlight. There was a snow storm during the winter after she was born and during that storm was a thunder storm. Its unusual to experience thunder durning a snow storm especially when stars are out. Stella (which means start) is unusally beautiful. She recently had a litter of pups with our Finnish apricot boy, Arnie and they have the most beautiful headpieces I have ever seen. Blue, yes blue and apricot pups resulted from this breeding. I was told we could get red, but I wasn’t that lucky this time. Stella is looking at one more possible future breeding. She is a very loving outgoing dog and temperaments of her pups were excellent. One pup went to an autistic boy as a service dog and one went to a junior handler. Little Romeo will be the keeper of Misfit Hearts in the breed ring with Heather. HealthTesting visible on

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